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This list does not consider the PowerPC platform since no PowerPC hardware is available in the marketplace any more to our knowledge, other than used vintage Macs (which already come with Mac OS X).

  • See here.
    Note that the PureDarwin project is not about running Darwin 8 and earlier and we will not support it in any way.

  • For PureDarwin Xmas: VMware Fusion 2 running on a Macintosh
  • A "family 6" Intel processor, which includes (but is not limited to) 
    • Core Solo and Core Duo ("Yonah")
    • Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad ("Merom", "Penryn", "Conroe", "Allendale", "Wolfdale", "Kentsfield", "Yorkfield")
    • Celeron S 4x0 ("Conroe-L")
    • Celeron E1x00 ("Conroe-L")
    • Pentium Dual-Core T2xx0, E2xx0 ("Yonah-1024", "Merom-1024", "Allendale-1024")
    • Atom 2x0 ("Diamondville")
  • For best compatibility, an Intel chipset (ICHx)
  • These requirements might be lifted by the use of the xnu-dev kernel, see here

  • A Macintosh ("Apple-labeled computer")
    Note that the PureDarwin project is not about running Mac OS X and we will not support it in any way.