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Thoughts on PureDarwin

posted Oct 5, 2008, 6:35 AM by probono   [ updated Oct 13, 2008, 11:24 AM by Aladin Quet ]
Looks like the latest wave of publicity started with this mention on Theocacao:

"Visit for a few more of these gotchas and progress trying to get things working. Apple will fix these problems when people find them, so the more of us looking at the code the better."

Followed a nice article mentioning the PureDarwin project: On the Origin of Mac Opensource on Apple Eclectic.

"I mention all this because Scott Steveson at the excellent Theocacao recently posted about Darwin. He is right when he says that access to the source code can be a massive boon to developers, but unfortunately overly optimistic when it comes to Darwin as a standalone alternative to Linux or BSD. Efforts to move in this direction are already being made by a group of enthusiasts over at PureDarwin. They already have a small VMWare image available to demonstrate their work."

And we couldn't agree more than with 0x783czar's headline, The Return of the Coolest of All BSD Variants (Darwin OS).

"Though out of all forms of UNIX, my favorite branch is the BSD family, or Berkley Software Distribution. And my favorite branch of BSD is the Darwin Variant. This includes OSX, OSX Touch, and the Darwin Operating System.  For some time now however. To get a bootable version of Standalone Darwin, you were mostly out of luck (...) But now I am happy to inform anyone who is interested that a new Darwin OS project has emerged. Called PureDarwin. This promises to be a great project and I encourage everyone who loves Darwin and Hexley, to check out this project and try out the Pre-Release: PureDarwin nano."

Looks like some people are interested in Darwin indeed, also in Germany.

"Noch mehr Stoff für Terminalisten"

Also CocoaDev, a Mac OS X developer community.

"The PureDarwin? project aims to make PureDarwin? easier to use by providing documentation and an installation and live ISO."

But always keep in mind that the project isn't even officially launched yet...