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PureDarwin Xmas Developer Preview receives warm welcome

posted Dec 28, 2008, 4:58 AM by probono   [ updated Jan 1, 2009, 3:53 AM by Aladin Quet ]
"(...) Most of you will know that the underlying core set of components of Mac OS X and the iPhone operating system are released under the Apple Public Source License, an FSF-approved open source license. Few of you, however, will have actually used Darwin in any other form than Mac OS X or the iPhone OS. Despite numerous projects attempting so, Darwin has never gained any significant traction apart from Apple's own interest. The PureDarwin project tries to rise from the ashes of the OpenDarwin project, and has just released a Christmas developer preview. (...)" 

"(...) Being a developer preview, functionality is limited. Most obvious is the lack of networking and user accounts, both of which appear to rely heavily on closed source portions of OS X. However, given the mess that the Darwin code was in as released by Apple — many individual projects would simply not compile, and many of those which did were beset by dependency problems to the point where they were unusable — it is hard to overstate what an amazing job the team has done getting to this stage. The Darwin kernel now boots and launches an X session — the choice of the NeXT-like WindowMaker window manager is a nice touch, although apparently won’t be the future default — from where the few bundled X applications can be run. It’s still early days yet, but there’s every reason to feel enthusiastic about the future of the PureDarwin project."

"(...) The PureDarwin project announces the immediate availability of “PureDarwin Xmas”, a developer preview of the upcoming operating system based on Apple’s Darwin 9 sources and other Open Source projects such as X11. At the same time, the PureDarwin project would like to invite the community to discuss, participate and contribute. (...)"

"Le projet PureDarwin a annoncé la sortie de PureDarwin Xmas, une version développement de ce que sera le futur système d'exploitation basé sur les sources de Darwin 9 et d'autres projets open-source comme X11. Pour l'instant, le projet PureDarwin invite la communauté à discuter, participer et contribuer autour de ce projet. (...)

"(...) Die Xmas getaufte Developer Preview von PureDarwin steht als vorkonfigurierte virtuelle Maschine (VM) für VMware Fusion 2.0 unter MacOS X zum Download zur Verfügung. Der Quellcode findet sich in einem Subversion-Repository. Mit der Veröffentlichung ruft das PureDarwin-Team auch Interessierte zur Mithilfe auf, um die Entwicklung zu beschleunigen. Apples Open-Source-Unix Darwin ist die Basis von MacOS X. Das Open-Source-Gemeinschaftsprojekt PureDarwin hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Darwin nutzbarer zu machen und besser zu dokumentieren. Eines der Ziele ist es, ein bootbare ISO-Image von Darwin 9.x zur Verfügung zu stellen, das dem Unterbau von MacOS X 10.5.x ("Leopard") ohne dessen Desktop entspricht. Von einigen wird PureDarwin als indirekter Nachfolger des gescheiterten OpenDarwin gesehen. (...)"

"Разработчики проекта PureDarwin представили предварительный выпуск новой свободной операционной системы, основанной на коде Darwin 9.x, но не использующей какие-либо иные компоненты Mac OS X, кроме Darwin и открытых программ из репозиторияDarwinBuild. Предварительная версия PureDarwin Xmas доступна в виде образа виртуальной машины VmWare и представляет собой лишь концептуальный релиз, подчеркивающий основные направления будущего развития. Проект позиционируется как продолжение развитие инициативы OpenDarwin, официально прекратившей свое существование два года назад. (...)"