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This page contains a list of known Apple closed-source projects that we would like to see Apple release as open-source or binary-only roots.
Packages here should meet the following requirements:

1. Package should be extremely useful to PureDarwin
2. Package's potential release as open-source should not be unreasonable (eg, Foundation-667.22)
3. Packages listed here should include justification as to why they would be useful.
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Package & VersionWhy useful?
Package & VersionWhy useful?
Bom-136.1.1 standardized packaging - bom files are used for file/permission tracking 
BomCmds-38 standardized packaging - package includes mkbom/lsbom 
PackageMaker-176.1 standardized packaging - makes Mac OS X-style packages 
InstallerTool-30 standardized packaging - installs packages 
repair_packages-1 standardized packaging - uses bom files to determine and repair file permissions 
pkgutil-1 standardized packaging - tracks installed packages 
dwarfutils-49 includes required build tools, such as dsymutil 
libscanalyzer-??? required to build dtrace on ppc 
DiskImages-195 Includes all of the code for dmg images, hdiutil, etc. NOTE: Apple has already said "no" once. 
Showing 9 items