PureDarwin bootstrap


TODO: ramdisk (compressed) really begins to lack.

`launchd' via /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/org.puredarwin.installer.plist launches `pd_installer' (probably in /usr/local/share/puredarwin/scripts).

Generating a "bootstrap" release

PUREDARWIN_RELEASE="bootstrap" ./pd_setup ../../vm/bootstrap.vmwarevm PureDarwin


Example on VMware

Host OS: MacOS X running VMware fusion
Guest OS running inside VMware: PureDarwin "bootstrap"

Short count-down for the BIOS stage, where IDE devices are reported:
  • A cd device (bootstrap.iso)
  • An hd device (2 GB, non formated)
The screen can sometimes been entirely filled by the error below:
EBIOS read error: Error 0x31
    Block 0 Sectors 4
This is not really problematic and should lead to the next screen.

The bootloader does not come from the media (bootstrap.iso) but from VMware (as displayed version shows).
See the VMware page for more information.
If [F8] is pressed, additional boot arguments can be passed to the kernel.
A Kernel EXTens decompression might occur.
Notice the cd-rom icon blinking while reading.



disk device detection (iofindwholemedia)

PureDarwin release

Boot on cd, deploy to hd (no ramdisk).
cd to hd