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Halting the system

The command `halt' is used to shut down the system.

kext_tools needs to be installed for `halt' to work properly, because `halt' calls and locks `kextd'.
So (at the time of 9F33), we patched the kext_tools project for purity purpose, in order to avoid missing symbols expected elsewhere.
Surprisedly, now `halt' and `shutdown' work perfectly (note: it has yet been tested with CF-lite though, and `kextcache' depends on):

In case, `halt' fails, this is what could happening:

WARNING: couldn't lock kext manager for reboot: %s
couldn't lock for reboot

At this time, `shutdown -s now' is failing because of sleep:

kext_tools and its dependencies are missing in PureDarwin nano releases because they will make PureDarwin nano not "nano" anymore, explaining why halt didn't work. halt involves IOKitUser, CF, DiskArbitration.framework and Security.framework...