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CFNetwork is a companion to CoreFoundation, and provides key networking features to applications.

While it was available as part of Darwin 8 (OS X 10.4), with the release of Darwin 9 (OS X 10.5) it became closed source. However, the source code for the last version released under Darwin 8 is still available from Apple, and with minor patching can be made to compile in the darwinbuild chroot.

CFNetwork is part of the CoreServices umbrella framework. CoreServices itself is a basic stub, existing solely to link to the framework under it.

Below as an attachement is a binary version of CFNetwork.framework, wrapped inside a CoreServices.framework.
Also included is the CarbonCore.framework, which contains only header files.

Status and testing to date

Code written, compiled and linked to CoreServices on OS X will run successfully on PureDarwinXmas.
The CFNetService type (the only part tested so far) operates correctly.

This software is covered by the APSL.
Stuart Crook,
Mar 26, 2009, 6:29 AM