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In order to do any serious PureDarwin development, please familiarize yourself with the DarwinBuild project and the MacPorts project, as there are the key component to build software for Darwin.

PureDarwin releases

If you want to have a look at a minimalistic bootable Darwin 9 system, check out PureDarwin nano.

Testers wanted

To qualify as a tester for the current PureDarwin installer, you need
  • An Intel Mac with Leopard (to run the installer and to test whether the PureDarwin USB thumbdrive can be booted)
  • Alternatively or both:
    • USB thumbdrive 1GB or larger (will be completely erased)
    • Latest VMware, VirtualBox release
  • Fast Internet connection (to download Darwin 9 packages)
  • A good backup since there is absolutely no guarantees
Please contact us in #puredarwin on if you want to be a tester.

Useful tools

A utility for browsing through the contents of "binary roots" is available. It currently covers Darwin build 9F33, and provides links to relevant source code, and binaries.

Darwin mailing lists

Have a look at the Darwin mailing lists.


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